What You Need To Consider When Looking For A Machine Shop in Milwaukee

A machine shop produces parts and assemblies for manufacturing equipment, motors, laboratory devices and other types of equipment. When looking for the best machine shop Milwaukee has to offer, it is important that you look for one that creates a part of an assembly that produces the required volume and one with the correct design specifications.

Here are the things you need to consider when looking for a quality machine shop:


A good machine shop has a formal understanding of the requirements of each of the different parts in relation to its application. For instance, a good shop understands the difference between the requirements of parts of an aeronautical engine and parts of a tractor engine.

At times, the parts should be machined from a specific alloy to withstand the stress of the application and be tested with laser scanners to ensure no deviations exist between the part and the design data.

Do you need parts or assemblies that need a high level of expertise to manufacture? If the answer is a yes, then it is good that you look for a machine shop that has experience in producing the type of part or assembly you need. The company should also understand the demands of the application in which the part will be used.


Apart from the specialization of the shop’s workers, the capabilities of a shop are defined by the type of equipment it uses. For parts and assemblies that require the highest quality assurance, a shop should ideally use a contactless laser scanner to reveal spatial defects through color coding or a contact laser such as Coordinate Measuring Machine (CCM)┬álike the one below that checks the spatial data with a sensitive probe.

The shop you choose should also have one of these resources in a configuration that can handle the size of the part or assembly. Some of the scanners can only scan small objects while others are designed to scan a range of sizes. in terms of quality assurance, laser scanning is one of the most important machine shop services. Therefore, before you choose a shop, ask if it uses a laser scanner to check part conformance.

Production Capacity

Some shops usually handle any size order while others only handle orders of a certain size. So, if you only need a single part, then you should not be baited into ordering more parts than you need just to get a single part.

Even though having backup parts is good in the event of repairs, you can find a shop that will produce a single part if that is what you need. When looking for a machine shop that your business can form a relationship with, choose one that can handle any size order. This is due to the fact that such a shop will be able to handle any size of your orders in future.

Machine shop services involve tooling services for the various types of parts and assemblies from aeronautical engine parts to pump assemblies that are driven by induction motors. If you need the services of a machine shop, ensure that you choose a company that has equipment and production capacity to handle your order.